Four Reasons to See a Dermatologist

Healthy skin is necessary for a healthy body. With all the bumps, rashes and itches that can afflict your epidermis, it's smart to know which conditions are significant enough to warrant a visit to the dermatologist.

1. Changing Moles

Melanoma, one of the most serious types of skin cancer, initially exhibits as a mole somewhere on the skin. A medical professional should check irregular, growing or bleeding moles as soon as possible.

2. Lasting Rashes and Disorders

Most skin blemishes should clear up within a few days or with the application of over-the-counter ointments. Nonstop itching, calluses that won't heal or persistent dandruff should be checked out.

3. Scar Treatments

Especially in the case of large, raised or deep scars unaffected by standard treatments, a dermatologist can prescribe effective treatments. They may also be able to help resolve acne scars and stretch marks.

4. Skin Discoloration

Consistent sunscreen usage and skin-lightening compounds can sometimes treat melasma, which produces brown discolorations on the skin. However, if these fail to keep the spots away, laser treatments and prescription medications can be successful remedies.


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